Feeling Adventurous?

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Are You Gonna Eat That?

Live Bait, nachos, seafoodYou can go to just about any restaurant in the United States and get a cheeseburger and chicken fingers, so how about trying something different?

Live Bait Food & Fun has a wide selection of food that can be considered out of the ordinary. We have starters, salads, main dishes, desserts, and more.

Can I Interest You In An Appetizer?

Anyone can deep fry some mushrooms or onion rings, but how about trying some crab claws or blackened gator? Another favorite, Greek Seafood Nachos, is made from shrimp and crawfish piled on top of house-fried wontons and topped with onion, olives, banana peppers, and spinach cheese sauce. That’s not something you’re going to find at the Waffle House!

You Say Ersters, I Say Oysters…

What’s a trip to the beach without having some oysters? Live Bait serves them raw with cocktail sauce, horseradish, and crackers. If raw isn’t your thing, then try our Oysters Rockefeller. Our freshly shucked oysters are topped with our signature seasoned spinach and grated cheese and then baked to a golden brown. Maybe you want something with a little more kick. Our Cajun Oysters might be for you, then. We bake our fresh oysters with Tasso ham and crawfish, making your table a little piece of the bayou.oysters, seafood, AL

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Our house specialties are one of the things that bring people back to Live Bait over and over. We have a fresh catch of the day, right from the Gulf. We’ll prepare it grilled, fried, or blackened to your taste. Other specialties include Shrimp & Grits: blackened shrimp on top of grits with Gouda cheese and a creole beurre blanc drizzle. Another popular dish is our Pontchartrain Red Fish. This consists of a blackened red fish on a bed of rice with a rich seafood cream sauce, mushrooms, and shrimp. We have trouble deciding ourselves on which dish we like the best.

Care For Dessert?

Our desserts are so good, you might have trouble deciding which one to choose. A local favorite is our Live Bait rice pudding, a creamy dessert that takes us back to our childhood. A good dessert for your time on the beach is our Key Lime Pie. The perfect blend of tart and sweet, it’s summertime anytime you eat this delicious treat. “You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!” “No, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” You’re both right with our Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie. This rich mix of flavors is a favorite of young and old. You can’t go wrong with Live Bait’s line of desserts.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

No matter your preference, Live Bait Food & Fun has the dish for you. Try something different, what do you have to lose? You just might find a new favorite! Check out our menu for even more choices to excite your taste buds.

Cold Drinks and Hot Times at Live Bait

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Drink It In, Man!

drinks, Live Bait, nightclubLive Bait Food & Fun is known for its delicious food and hot dance floor, but did you know we have some of the best bartenders and drinks in Orange Beach? Here are some of the favorite drinks of our friends that come to have a good time.

A traditional Cuban drink, the Mojito, has gained popularity in the last couple of years. Refreshing, with a mint leave in it, the Mojito can be made with different flavored liqueurs to customize your drink to your liking.

Want dessert? Or a drink? Why not both? Try a Mudslide, a mixture of Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and more for an adult chocolate shake and how can you go wrong with that?

Ever had a Fuzzy Navel? And no, we’re not talking about seeing our bouncer, Carl, with his shirt off. The Fuzzy Navel is a perfect summer drink full of peach and orange flavors.

Do You Like Pina Coladas?

When you hear “Blue Hawaiian” do you think of Elvis? The Blue Hawaiian is a tasty drink flavored like a pina colada and it’s blue! How fun and festive!

The Bushwacker can be best described as a creamy chocolate pina colada. This tasty drink has many origin stories, but Live Bait has adapted it and it has become one of our most popular drinks.bar, nightclub, Alabama

Ooh La La

Maybe you want to appear a little more sophisticated. Then order a French 75, a mix of gin, lemon juice, and champagne. It looks like something from the Prohibition Era but tastes divine.

Made popular by the women on Sex and the City, the Cosmopolitan is a favorite of a lot of people for its fancy look and great fruity taste.

Relax On The Beach

You’re in Orange Beach, so you’re already in a tropical frame of mind, so why not order a Sex On The Beach. This drink just tastes like summer with a blend of peach, orange, and cranberry flavors.

Served in a hurricane glass, the Mai Tai is a sweet and fruity drink that is a perfect accent to a hot night out with your friends.Tiki Bar, Orange Beach

Old School

Maybe you just want a simple drink, then try our large selection of wines and beers. Our bartenders are happy to mix up any drink you’d like or just pull you a cold and frosty one. No matter what your drink of choice is, Live Bait is the place for cold drinks, hot music, and good times!

Enjoy your drinks while dining in our restaurant, dancing in our nightclub, or relaxing at our Tiki Bar. No matter where you enjoy your drinks, do it safely and responsibly. And don’t forget we have a free shuttle if you party a little too much.

Mardi Gras: Orange Beach Style

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mardi gras, Orange BeachPurple, Green…and Orange?

Everyone knows about the big party on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, but did you know that there’s a Mardi Gras parade in Orange Beach? Mardi Gras got its start in Mobile back in 1703, fifteen years before New Orleans was even founded, so we’ve had a few years to get it right!

Orange Beach’s Mardi Gras celebration isn’t quite as old as Mobile’s, but we still know how to have a party! Back in 1978, some locals created the Pleasure Island Players and the rest is history. They started a parade to celebrate Mardi Gras and a year later the Mystic Order of Shiners joined them, making it a party!

Throw Me Some Beads!

There is no shortage of parades and parties in the Orange Beach area. Starting with the Krewe De La Dauphine Mardi Gras Parade on January 28th in Dauphin Island, Carnival continues throughout the month of February ending with the Order of Myths Mardi Gras Parade, the oldest Mardi Gras parade in the country. Click here for a complete schedule of parades in the Orange Beach area.

Food & Fun!

What are you going to do after the parades? If you’re like us, you’re going to keep on partying and celebrating. Come to Live Bait Food & Fun for some delicious food, fun drinks, and hot music and dancing. We’re here to make your Mardi Gras more fun than anything they can do in NOLA. Bring your crew to the Tiki Bar, our restaurant, or to our swinging nightclub. Give us a call and we’ll even pick you up in our Live Bait Party Bus, so you don’t have to worry about parking or driving.

Dance the night away while dining on starters like our onion blossom, blackened gator, seafood nachos, and more. You can also enjoy oysters, crab legs, shrimp, and other delicious seafood items. If seafood isn’t your thing, we have a variety of pasta, sandwiches, and hand-cut steaks. No matter what your favorite food is, Live Bait serves it up with a side dish of fun!

Every day is a party in Orange Beach and especially at Live Bait Food & Fun, but Mardi Gras puts a little something extra into the air. Make sure you are a part of the festivities and make Live Bait a stop while you’re here. Contact us and learn more about how Live Bait can turn your celebration up a notch or two.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Get Down On It!

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Live Bait Nightclub

nightclub, dancingI love the nightlife, I love to boogie! OK, maybe a song lyric from 30 years ago isn’t the best way to start talking about our fresh and hot Live Bait Nightclub, but it’s true! This place is always full of people, dancing and having a great time with friends into the night.

The Live Bait Nightclub is always moving with the rocking sounds of fresh live bands and the hottest DJs in the area. Our calendar is full of bands, dancing, DJs, and special events. We like to bring in national touring artists and other popular acts to keep the dance floor hopping.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

What’s a party without great food and drinks? You can order anything off of our menu and eat it at the Live Bait Nightclub. You can have appetizers like nachos, crab claws, chicken fingers, alligator and more. You can also choose from fresh oysters, seafood, sandwiches and other delicious items. Our bartenders are well known for their fun and festive drinks. Cool off with a frosty frozen daiquiri or spice it up with a shot of your favorite drink. We also have a wide variety of beers to choose from.

Party Like A Rock Star

Want to get the VIP treatment? We have several options to make your night something special. You can purchase a Live Bait VIP card. This card allows you entry through the special VIP entrance and you don’t have to pay a cover charge except for specialty events.

You’ve seen it in movies where the Big Cheese is at a table with their squad, having a great time. Now you can do the same at Live Bait Nightclub. Contact us for a table reservation or other special accommodations. We’ll do what we can to make your night out special.

Do you need more than a table? Live Bait Nightclub can host your private party. Give us a call or email and get more information about booking the nightclub for your private VIP party.

I’m In The Band

Do you have a band? We’d love to have you perform at the Live Bait Nightclub. Contact us today to see about booking your act and playing for a full house of party people. Our event calendar is full of music and fun, but we’re always looking to add to our list of hot musicians.

Keep Cool While Being Hot

Don’t let the Alabama heat keep you off of the dance floor. Live Bait Nightclub has 40 tons of air conditioning to keep you cool while you’re getting your groove on. It’s the hottest place to be on the Gulf Coast year ’round.

Contact us today or stop by to learn why Live Bait Nightclub is Orange Beach’s premier dance club. We look forward to having you visit and spend the night dancing and having the time of your life!

The Cure For Cabin Fever

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winter, Orange BeachWinter technically hasn’t even started and I know a lot of you are already tired of it! Snow is starting to blow around parts of the country and temperatures are dropping. But in Orange Beach, winter is a whole lot different. Our temperatures are mild and there is no snow or ice to have to deal with. The average temperature between November and March is in the mid-60s. Much better than subzero with windchills on top it. Take a break from shoveling your driveway and check out the hot food and music at Live Bait Food and Fun!

Orange Beach Activities

There are a lot of activities in Orange Beach during the winter months. Here are some of our favorites to chase away the winter blues:

Reese’s Senior Bowl: College football’s senior showcase, featuring the best seniors in the game coached by NFL coaching staffs.

Gulf Shores Mardi Gras Parade: This parade was started in 1978 with just a small group of locals, forming the Pleasure Island Players. It was then joined by The Mystic Order of Shriners and now the oldest parade in the county.

Bellingrath’s Annual Magic Christmas Lights: Enjoy one of the most popular holiday events in the Southeast. Stroll through the gardens with more than three million twinkling lights in over 1,000 custom designed set pieces in 14 scenes.

Arctic Express: Located at Wales West RV Resort & Light Railway, this is a unique holiday experience. Ride an authentic steam train through a winter wonderland of lights and decorations and visit with Santa at the end.

Hot Food to Warm You

Orange Beach, AL, Live BaitLive Bait is home to some of the best food in Orange Beach. Try some our house specialties along with fresh seafood and steaks and sandwiches. You can dine on the Catch of the Day, a fresh catch from the Gulf, served fried, grilled or blackened. You can also have Southern delicacies like Shrimp & Grits or Pontchartrain Red Fish. If sandwiches are more your style, we have hamburgers, crawfish Po-boys, BLT’s and more. Our hand-cut ribeyes and filet mignons will fill you up and make you forget about the weather back home.

Sizzling Nightlife

Live Bait’s dance club is the place to be with dance parties, live bands, hot DJ’s and special concerts with national touring artists. Pleasure Island is the place to be with great bands and the best dance grooves around. Our drinks are a great way to cure Cabin Fever at our Tiki Bar. You can choose anything you’d like off our menu, along with one of our signature cocktails. At night, we have a DJ at the Tiki Bar, with karaoke also available. Sing and dance your winter blues away!

Make Live Bait Food & Fun a stop when you escape the cold and visit Orange Beach Alabama. Contact us to learn more about making the most of your time here with us.

Surf vs Turf

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Seafood or Not, We’ll Fill Your Belly

When you think of eating at a place called “Live Bait” your mind probably goes to thoughts of fresh seafood, right? Well, you’d be half right! Live Bait Food & Fun is home to delicious ocean delicacies, but it also has a wide variety of “non-seafood” dishes, too. Check out our lunch and dinner menus for our large selection of unique and delicious choices.

Tidal Wave of Tastes

oysters Rockefeller, seafoodLive Bait has a wide selection of seafood. You can start your meal with starters and appetizers that include seafood gumbo, crab claws either fried or sauteed or maybe you’d like to try our Greek seafood nachos. What’s a Greek seafood nacho, you ask? It’s shrimp and crawfish piled on top of fried wontons. On top of that, there are piles of red onion, kalamata olives, banana peppers, tomatoes, scallions and a delicious spinach cheese sauce.


If you’re still hungry after your appetizer, Live Bait has plenty of seafood options. We are proud of our oysters and we offer three varieties:

  • Raw Oysters: served with cocktail sauce, horseradish sauce, and crackers
  • Oysters Rockefeller: shucked oysters topped with seasoned spinach and grated Parmesan cheese and baked
  • Cajun Oysters: baked oysters served with Tasso ham and crawfish

Other choices from the ocean include our fresh Gulf catch of the day. You can have it grilled, fried or blackened. We also serve every day fresh choices like mahi, sesame tuna, Pontchartrain redfish, grilled shrimp and cedar plank salmon. We also serve fried combination platters that include fish, shrimp, oysters and stuffed crab, served with seafood gumbo, hush puppies, fries, and coleslaw. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, choose our steamed platter: snow crab legs, shrimp, and crab claws served with corn and new potatoes. No matter what you choose, you’ll be full!

Are you looking for something distinctly Southern? Try our shrimp and grits meal! This awesome dish is blackened shrimp served on top of creamy stone-ground Gouda cheese grits with a creole beurre blanc drizzle. You’ll be speaking with a Southern drawl before you’re done eating this!

Land Lubbers Unite!

steak, Live BaitMaybe seafood isn’t your thing. (We won’t judge you, we promise!) Well, you’re in luck, Live Bait Food & Fun has plenty of other choices that are just as unique and delicious as our seafood choices. We have traditional appetizers like chicken fingers, fried dill pickles, onion blossom and our famous Bait Nachos. One of our favorites is our spinach and artichoke dip. The dip is made with feta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and cream cheese mixed with spinach and artichokes and served hot with grilled pita bread.

For people looking for something light for dinner or lunch, you can choose from one of our healthy and refreshing salads: Caesar, garden, quinoa kale or wedge. (You can add chicken, shrimp or salmon to our salads, we won’t tell anyone.)

If your appetite is looking for something a little heartier, you can sample our penne pasta dishes or a hamburger or chicken, bacon, and swiss sandwich. Oh, and don’t forget about our famous steaks! We offer a 14oz hand-cut ribeye or an 8 oz hand-cut filet mignon. Our steaks are Certified Angus and are served with a baked potato and side salad.

Oh, One More Thing

One of our more unique dishes is blackened gator. This dish is alligator blackened with savory spices and served on a bed of rice and a creole beurre blanc. But should this be considered a surf or a turf dish? According to the archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory M. Aymond, it is ok to eat alligator during Lent. So there you have it! Who are we to argue with The Big Guy?

No matter what you are looking for, you won’t go away from Live Bait Food and Fun hungry. Come try us for lunch or dinner and either try something new or stick with one of your favorites. And make sure you try one of our decadent desserts.

Shop Our Online Store

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Live Bait Food and Fun At Home

Did you know that you can shop our gift store from the comfort of your home 24 hours a day? We have an online store  that carries many of our most popular items. We have everything from shirts to caps to cups and more.

Shirts and Shorts

shirt Live BaitWant to show off your love for Live Bait Food and Fun everywhere you go? We carry long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, tie dyes, and sweatshirts in a rainbow of colors with an assortment of catchy or subtle logos. And for the little ones, we offer the Live Bait Kid’s Club shirts in lime or purple.

If you buy our shirts, you should get some shorts to finish the Live Bait ensemble! We offer running shorts in lime green, pink, red and purple.

Caps and Visors

Our stylish ball caps are a popular choice. You can select from yellow, blue, pink, grey or black and all the hats have our fun Live Bait logo on the front. Maybe you like to have the top down and let the wind blow. In that case, we also offer Live Bait visors in yellow, navy blue, red, and lime green.

Huggers and Glasses

Can and bottle huggers are always fun and you can never have too many! Our huggers have our logo on one side and “Dead Food, Live Music, Live Bait” on the other. We carry these in an assortment of colors, so find your favorite or get one for your drinking buddy. And speaking of a drink, don’t mind if we do! We offer a Live Bait shot glass, hurricane glass and coffee mug, suitable for your favorite refreshment.

Take the Sea With You

Live Bait loves the ocean as much as you, so we offer you a way to take a little bit home with you with our sea salt scrubs for men and women. Made from 100% sea salt in the USA, we are proud to offer these scrubs. And make sure you grab a Live Bait beach bag to put all of your loot in.

Gift Certificates

Want to share your Live Bait with someone or know someone that loves Live Bait? Get them a gift certificate and let them use it for food or gift items. We sell them in amounts of $25, $50 and $100.

We love to see your face at Live Bait, but if you can’t make it, know that you can always visit our online store and have a little piece of food and fun back home!

Keeping It Fresh!

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entertainment food Orange BeachWhether you’ve been to Live Bait Food & Fun before or this will be your first time, there is always something new to enjoy. Live Bait Food & Fun makes sure to keep things fresh, whether it’s our menus or our entertainment.

Now Hear This!

Live Bait Food & Fun is the place in Orange Beach to get your groove on. We always have DJs and Karaoke in our Tiki Bar and we also have live music with bands like Goldy Locks, Zion Roots, and the Nick & The Ovorols and other popular favorites. Dance the night away while enjoying the best food and tastiest drinks in the area. Every night we have live DJ and Karaoke and live bands on Friday and Saturday. Check out our calendar of upcoming events to learn more!

Prime Time, Baby!

Every Friday is Prime Rib Day. Starting at 11 a.m., join us for lunch for our prime rib special. Make sure you get there early, because when it’s gone, it’s gone! We think this is the best prime rib deal in town, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what people have to say on Tripadvisor.com! In addition to our Prime Rib special, check out our menus. There’s something for everyone from salads to burgers to seafood to pasta. And make sure to save room for our delicious desserts!

Like This!

Keep up to date with all the music and food specials by bookmarking our site, liking our restaurant and nightclub pages on Facebook, or following us on Twitter. And you can always call or email us, too, we’re always happy to hear from you at Live Bait Food & Fun.

The Wharf and Live Bait: Closer Than You Think

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Orange Beach drinksLive Bait Food & Fun is located less than 15 minutes from The Wharf, Orange Beach’s favorite shopping and entertainment location. You can spend the day at The Wharf, being pampered and shopping, then come over to Live Bait Food & Fun to relax and have a good time.

Spa Day

The Wharf is home to some of the best spas in the area like Rejuvenation Med Spa and Fusion Spa and Salon. Spend some time being treated like royalty before stopping over at Live Bait Food & Fun for some good food, cold drinks, and hot music. Let the stress flow away with a massage at The Wharf and then sipping one of our signature drinks at our Tiki Bar while grooving to some tunes from our DJ.

Shop ’til You Drop

If shopping is your thing, The Wharf will keep you busy. With stores carrying everything from women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing to jewelry, electronics and more, if you can’t find it there, you probably don’t need it. And don’t miss out on local shops where you can get a unique souvenir or gift to take home. All of that shopping is going to make you hungry, so dart over to Live Bait Food & Fun for a delicious lunch or dinner. Put your feet up and let our staff take care of all your needs while you dine on salads, seafood, sandwiches and steaks and finishing up with a delicious dessert of cheesecake or key lime pie.

Are You Not Entertained?

While you are at The Wharf, make sure to take a boat tour, go for a spin on the Ferris Wheel or hit a round of putt-putt golf. Then keep the entertainment going by heading over to Live Bait Food & Fun for some dancing, live music, and karaoke. The nightlife is the right life at Live Bait Food & Fun!

Check out Live Bait Food & Fun to see what concerts and events are coming up and make a trip to The Wharf fun for the whole family.

Beach Vacations Require OYSTERS!

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The Getaway

So, you have taken off work for a week and packed up your family or a group of friends for a romp at the beach. You’re praying that the office can make it without you & your phone doesn’t ring. All you want to do is get in a little R & R and some good local seafood & oysters! Live Bait has you covered when it comes to food & fun! There is great appeal to visiting more than once, providing entertainment nightly for an evening away from the kids or enjoying karaoke on the Tiki with the whole family,

The Eats – Raw Oysters

What is it that you just must have when vacationing at the beach? Fresh Fish, Gulf Shrimp, or is it Oysters? I have to say, oysters surly are a popular requirement even if you are not typically a fan. Live Bait offers them several different ways. First, you have your traditional Raw Oysters. They are fresh & shucked just for you, served chilled on the half-shell. They come accompanied by saltine crackers, cocktail sauce, & lemon wedges. Some people like to add a little Tabasco into the mix. Either way, it something you may have to try to say you did, even if it isn’t your thing. Are you craving oysters that are a little less traditional, but still want to enjoy them raw? Live Bait offers Oysters Fresca which are raw, chilled, freshly shucked & topped with tequila pineapple pico de gallo adding a bit of a kick! Both raw oyster options are great, and both offer a totally different flavor from the other. I’d recommend mixing it up a bit and giving each one a whirl. Just a warning, raw oysters are known to be a natural aphrodisiac, or so they say.

The Eats – Baked Oysters

So, you don’t like them raw? That’s ok! Live Bait also offers them cooked and they are simply superb! Try the Oysters Rockefeller. They are freshly shucked then baked with seasoned spinach & the good stuff – grated Parmesean cheese. These are a personal favorite. What’s not to love about anything topped with cheese? For something with a bit of a kick in a cooked version, you need to try the Cajun Oysters. They are referred to as the pie of the bayou, served freshly shucked, topped with Tasso ham and crawfish, perfectly spicy and super tasty!

Oysters done right! A must at the beach.

Oysters done right! A must at the beach.

The Takeaway

There are several excellent options when it comes to chowing down while visiting Orange Beach. Live Bait is the perfect place for oysters & so much more. Check back for more updates from #TheBAIT and how to make the most out of your beach vacation to the beautiful white sand beaches on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

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